Lycaon GR

Lycaon GR

The Lycaon GR electric skateboard features an 8-layer Canadian maple deck. In terms of ride sensation, the ride is very smooth. As for the bottom deck feel, due to the smaller deck size, large metal housing, and a single type of wood, it's more challenging side drives.

  • Range18 mi
  • Top Speed23 mph
  • Hill Climbing30%
  • Weight18.9 lbs
  • Max load220 lbs
  • Dimensions37'' / 94 cm (Length) 9'' / 23 cm (Width) 0.5'' / 1.2 cm (Thickness)
  • Power480 Watts x2
  • Deck8 ply Canadian maple
  • Wheels
  • Battery18650 cells in 10S3P 36V 7.8Ah 280.8Wh
  • Trucks
  • Warranty8m

One-button Start

Use remote to power on/off the board.

HobbyWing Hub Motor

480w*2 power. 1000w *2 max power


18650 cells in 10S3P 36V 7.8AH 280.8Wh