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10 Best Mini Electric Skateboards in 2022 - Buyer’s Guide

Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

Evolve Stoke Electric Skateboard

Backfire Mini Electric Skateboard

Backfire Mini Electric Skateboard

Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard

Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard


You May Need A MINI Electric Skateboard

If you're an enthusiastic skateboarder or professional, I'm sure you already know how to find a very maneuverable motorized electric skateboard, which is also for range, reliability, and speed. However, if you're looking for convenience, you might need a mini electric skateboard. 

Picking one of these rideable technologies can be a little daunting and confusing. With so many brands on the market, mini electric skateboards are the most affordable and exciting gifts for children, teens, and even adults. 

What is more, these 30-inch boards on wheels are durable, can support your weight, and are easier to reach through traffic. Yes, they're light. You just have to tuck them under your arm and walk into the school or office to see the day off. 

Here are 10 mini electric skateboards below to help you make a perfect choice. 

The 10 Best Mini Electric Skateboards

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It's 33.5 inches in length, making it fairly long for a skateboard-style e-board. If this board is any what similar to the Carbon GTR, it's surely a beast. Evolve is super expensive but the boards do not disappoint.

Speaking of speed, it should say the Evolve Stoke electric skateboard is powered by a 3000W dual brushless motor. To be precise, the belt transmission will power the Orangatang Caguama wheels. Believe it or not, Evolve can reach 22 MPH depending on the terrain.

Of course, electric skateboards use batteries for power, as did Evolve Stoke. In this case, the Sony lithium battery has a capacity of 4.2Ah and a range of 10 miles. The system also uses regenerative charging, which can improve autonomy and allow you to ride for longer periods.

As we said, the Evolve Stoke Skateboard is on the smaller side. Weighing 17.9 pounds, it offers top-notch portability and convenience. You can even take it with you! 

Evolve Skateboards is an innovative company that combined four layers of bamboo with two layers of fiberglass when they built the deck for Stoke. Therefore, this high-tech skateboard has excellent maneuverability.

Evolve Stoke is agile and powerful and is the ultimate carving machine that offers endless entertainment for riders. Also, the model offers super-smooth braking power, which is music to the inexperienced skateboarder.

RANGE - Up to 19 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.                 

TOP SPEED - Approximately 22 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.                 

HILLS - Up to 25 percent gradient in GTR mode.                 

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)                 

REMOTE - Patent pending R-2 Remote, Bluetooth control, instant trigger response                 


Exquisite handling

Powerful motor by a 3000W dual brushless motor


Admittedly, its price is too high

Weighing 17.9 pounds

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Backfire mini electric skateboard is one of the more popular and fastest-growing brands on the market, and that’s because they offer affordable and reliable e-boards.

The Backfire Mini is Backfire's smallest and most portable electric skateboard, designed for urban commutes. The 85mm wheels are huge. These wheels make the deck quite high compared to traditional cruiser skids with 60-70mm wheels.

In E mode, acceleration is smooth but still powerful. The speed is locked in at around 19kmh, which is how fast I can still brake with my foot (hard but still doable). There was no problem going uphill. The rest went well.

Using S mode, the speed can reach 30kmh, which is really fast. I will not ride at this speed, nor at any speed above 20km/h, because I am very concerned about safety. At high speeds, the board wobbles more, but is still considered fairly stable because the surface area of the board is large and the wheels are far apart. S mode acceleration is very powerful. If your position is wrong, you can take off at full throttle (backwards).

Backfire mini electric skateboard uses 450W hub motor wheels. Going uphill with two of them is a breeze. Unless it's a very steep slope, you might not even notice any slowdown. The torque is strong. If you're a beginner, be sure to spend more time cycling on easy paths that are less crowded before using it on city streets. You ought to get used to torque.

The Backfire Mini is well-built, good-looking, powerful and rides well. 6kg is not heavy, but it's not light either. So if you don't mind the weight, I'm sure you'll be happy with the Backfire Mini.

Weighing just under 13 pounds, this ESK8 offers perfect portability for the average commuter.                 

With a replaceable 175 Wh battery. A separate purchase option is also available with an onboard 99WH battery.

The Backfire Mini is made with carbon fiber. The wheel size is 85mm in diameter.

The Mini Electric Skateboard is waterproof and has an IP rating of 65.

The Backfire Mini comes with a 180-day warranty. Besides, the company has local service centers in the United States and Europe.                 


Backfire Mini clocks the top speed of 26 mph

The skateboard has interchangeable batteries and you can carry them on flights

The Backfire Mini has a sturdy body with a carbon fiber deck

The skateboard is easy to carry around due to its lightweight


Despite the company's claim of “affordability,” $599 seems a little expensive

Many customers have faced issues with the carbon deck in this skateboard as it causes discomfort while riding

Even though the battery is interchangeable, you need to remove as many as 8 screws, which is a tedious job

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Yecoo MT min electric skateboard is 33.5 inches in length. Yecoo is super cheap but the boards do not disappoint also. This is a comfortable and powerful skateboard. Your feet settled into the space perfectly and allowed you to control the movements of the board easily. 

Speaking of speed, it should say the Yecoo MT mini electric skateboard is powered by a 540W dual brushless hub motor. Believe it or not, Yecoo can reach 25 MPH depending on the terrain. 

Of course, electric skateboards use batteries for power, as did Yecoo MT. In this case, the Sanyo lithium battery has a capacity of 7Ah and a range of 15 miles. The system also uses regenerative charging, which can improve autonomy and allow you to ride for longer periods. 

As we said, the Yecoo MT skateboard is on the smaller side. Weighing 17.6 pounds, it offers top-notch portability and convenience. 

Yecoo Skateboards is an innovative company that combined 8 layers maple when they built the deck for yecoo MT board. Therefore, this high-tech skateboard has excellent maneuverability.

At $499, the Yecoo MT electric skateboard is affordable for every skateboarder. It's great for commuters. Of course, in my opinion, the motor power of the dual 540W is enough for commuting. But let us be clear, not everyone is satisfied with this. 

RANGE - Up to 15 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.                 

TOP SPEED - Approximately 25 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.                 

HILLS - Up to 30 percent.                 

TERRAIN - Any hard or compact surfaces (ie: tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces)                 

REMOTE - Patent pending R-2 Remote, Bluetooth control, instant trigger response                 


Exquisite handling

Powerful motor by a 540W dual brushless motor


Weighing 17.6 pounds

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The Maxfind Max2 Pro mini skateboard is equipped with an M4 hub motor for greater compaction, safety, smoothness, and quietness. The single version has a top speed of 20 MPH, while the dual version has a top speed of 24 MPH. Dual hub motors also provide greater torque, so if you use a dual hub motor, you can expect a climb of up to 25%.

Both versions of the lithium-ion battery have a capacity of 158.4 Wh, with a maximum capacity of 4400 mAh. That means a maximum range of 15 miles. While riding, an electronic regenerative braking system helps keep the battery in good condition. If the battery runs out during the ride, the Max2 Pro can be used as a normal skateboard.

Combined with the carbon fiber coating, you get strength and appearance. Deck length is 31 inches. It's easy to replace IP65 waterproof cover tires. Simply remove the five screws using the tools that come with the development board.

The size of the wheel is 90mm, so it is 15% larger than a standard booster wheel. It is also wider in diameter, which means you can smoothly across all kinds of riding conditions, such as roads, turf, and cracks in the tracks. The forged Max Truck II also impresses with its superior construction and enhanced impact resistance. Steady even at high speeds, and easy to turn.

The evaluation mini electric skateboard itself weighs 12 pounds (single plate) or 14 pounds (double plate). This makes it a very lightweight board, even with a dual hub motor. The single version can hold riders up to 176 pounds, while the dual version can hold riders up to 220 pounds.

You can choose from two styles - single motor or double motor.

The wheel size is 90mm, which means you can ride smoothly through all riding conditions.

The climbing slope has been improved and the boards have borne more weight.


The board is very lightweight

Big wheels

The speed is up to 24 MPH / 38 KPH


The speed of the dual version doesn't increase much

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Razorx is one of the pioneer companies in the electric commuter industry, operating various types of electric boards: small, medium, or large/longboard.

The Razorx Cruiser has a very sleek and stylish design with hub motors. Electrical speed controllers (ECS- board of brains) and batteries are built on the deck, which is made up of a 5 deck maple deck and gives a nice attractive look. In addition, it provides a basic display remote control and provides fast/slow, braking, forward, and reverse control functions.

This mini electric skateboard is known for its high quality, powerful performance, smoother ride, better durability and reliable build. It's lightweight and weighs 9.2 pounds, so you can easily handle it on the go. But this mini board can hold only 220 pounds, much worse than other mini electric skateboards.

This is clearly a beginner's board, which is not a bad thing. In fact, we think it's the best value entry-level electronic skateboard you can buy. It didn't cut corners on quality. Young product testers also like to play with it. If you want to have some teenage nostalgia around a skate park and enjoy an upgraded motor - this is ideal.

It comes with a powerful 125-watt motor that, combined with its lithium-ion battery, makes your ride smoother and more consistent throughout the path. These two provide enough power for the board to run at 10mph for up to 40 minutes without stopping in the middle. But if you're any heavier, it's going to be very taxing. After all, it was made for children. It's also hard to go uphill, even on slight slopes - so it's best for people who have lots of flat, smooth paths at their disposal.

This mini electric skateboard is powered by 125 watts hud motor along with a long-lasting 22V lithium-ion battery.

The max speed of this gadget is 10 miles per hour and can be continue ride for up to 40 minutes that approximately become 6.5 miles in a single charge.

It is a lightweight small electric skateboard and recommended for a minimum of 9-year-old kids or teenagers. Where as it can perform at its best with the maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Other features include enhancing stability this board has reverse kingpin trucks along with high-quality grip urethane wheels to make your ride smooth. Variable-speed control, and top-notch perforated grip tape, etc.               




Variable speed


Under power motor

Low range

Slow charging

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The Mini X is only 29.5 inches long. Despite the potential mobility that comes with such a small board, the upgraded Mini X is still fairly heavy. At 16.8 pounds, the miniature board is only slightly lighter than the longer board. This means that the system is very dense, and if you go through an area like the subway where ice skating is not an option at all, then you can get a little embarrassed.

But the weight of the board is understandable. The Mini X will have a range of about 14 miles on a single charge, which means you could theoretically glide the entire circumference of San Francisco without charging.

The advantage of the size to weight ratio is that the board coasts well when you're not running the motor. If you only run a short distance or just run out of battery, you can still use the Boost Mini like a regular skateboard.

Boosted says it can withstand up to 20% of the slope. The board also offers regenerative braking, which means you can recharge the battery while slowing down on big downhills.

Unfortunately, due to the compact design of the board, the company had to stick the battery to the middle of the deck, so it is not open to flex. Inelasticity is a considerable problem on the roads - especially in this city with its uneven, potholed surfaces. Flex is very important on a skateboard because it allows the rider to ride over dops and bumps without being tossed off.

The Mini X is the more advanced version of the company's Mini line. Weighing around 16.8 lbs, it will only support a 14-mile range, and it will be limited to a top speed of 20 MPH. Note that the Mini S is currently sold out.

The new Mini X will cost $999. The Boosted Stealth sells for $1599, so $600 less makes sense if you just want a fun motorized vehicle to carry around with you.

The board design is compact.                             

The Mini X can continue running when the battery runs out.                             

The board is inelastic and will bump if the road is uneven.                             


The Boosted Mini X has plenty of power under the hood

The board coasts well when you're not running the motor

The system is very dense


Flex is not good

Its price is too high

The upgraded Mini X is still fairly heavy

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Our assessment of the AEBoard AX Mini is that it is fast and light. The AEBoard AX Mini has a pretty powerful engine. Bolted to twin 800-watt hub motors, the heavy-duty truck runs quietly while enduring many difficult road conditions. Provides up to 35% climbing ability. The mini skateboard is only 29 inches long and can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour! This must be one of the fastest skateboards on the market.

The Aeboard AX Mini has an 8-ply maple deck and special honeycomb wheels designed to absorb bumps in any rough terrain.  At the time of purchase, you can choose from three battery types: standard 4Ah, Samsung E35 7Ah, and travel-friendly battery at 90Wh. These batteries offer a variety of range capabilities.

There are four riding modes on the board's wireless remote control, which helps riders control their speed with ease. Acceleration and braking are available in three modes. The LCD screen also shows real-time Settings indicating whether the system is connected, forward or backward, the battery level of the board, the odometer, and a real-time MPH speedometer as the electronic board drives.

If you don't have any problems with high-speed riding and want to push your limits, this skateboard is for you. For daily commuters, taking a slow or medium speed train to reach their destination is just as good.

The AEBoard mini comes with a 90-day warranty. However, you will need to check the details of their warranty policy with the manufacturer.

It's also important to remember that AEBoard does not have a return policy, which can make buyers uncomfortable.

The AEboard AX mini electric skateboard is made with an 8-ply maple deck and comes with honeycomb wheels.

The sturdy design can absorb shock that comes due to bumpy rides in the rough or hilly terrain.

You have the option of choosing from the three battery options: standard 4Ah, Samsung E35 7Ah and 90Wh travel-friendly battery.

The decently powerful motor on AEboard provides the ability to climb hilly roads of up to 35%, and can generate the top speed up to 30 mph.     


The compact design, size, and portability are ideal for commuting in cities

The speed of up to 30 mph is excellent

The skateboard can climb 35 percent grade hills

The Sanyo battery (10S3P) provides good mileage


Riders often find it difficult to control and maneuver the skateboard at high acceleration.

Not waterproof.

AEBoard does not have a return policy

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Riding the improved new Leafboard Plus changes all that. The 17.8mm thick deck has a capacity of 200kg. In ancient pounds, that's a staggering 440 pounds of capacity, which is more than enough for me and all the force I've exerted all the time I've been carving in the city.

A single high-powered motor has enough power to move my big frame wherever I want to go. At first, I wasn't sure if it would reduce it, but then I realized I was only driving at 1 out of 3 possible levels. After pushing the game up to Level 2 with a quick double tap on a single button on the controller, I was able to progress at a very comfortable pace. Level 3 takes what they call Level 2 - commuting mode - and elevates it to level 3 fun mode that I can do.

The new Leafboard Plus also features a modular design consisting of four removable modules, including the deck itself, battery pack, control module and motor. This allows the owner to replace, replace, or upgrade a single module at a time when the technology improves or different functionality is required.

As a special bonus, the board also includes an integrated USB port that lets users plug in batteries to charge their devices. This is a really cool feature for electric skateboards, and I hope to see it on other boards as well, because it's much more powerful.

Range: Leafboard Pro’s 5,000mAh battery provides for 12.4 miles of range on a single charge.

Power: The single high-power motor powering the left rear wheel has enough power to propel the board up to 20 mph with enough torque to move itself and the rider up small hills.

Water Resistant: The board comes with an IP56 rating, which means it can handle damp streets or a little bit of rain…just don’t try throwing it into the harbor if you actually want to ride it again.

Regenerative Braking: The Leafboard Pros intelligent braking system not only slows the board down, but it also uses regen to slow the board and cranks the power generated back into the battery pack. 


Small and portable

Remote design is OK


Admittedly, its price is too high

Weighing 17.9 pounds

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Ownboard's deck is 8 layers of maple, 30 inches long and 9.45 inches wide. It's very sturdy and feels durable, but it doesn't have the flexibility of an electric longboard. It can carry up to 265 pounds of personnel, more than most other planks. It also provides a rear end that makes it easier to pick up the board.

The mini skateboard weighs 17 pounds, about the average weight of an electric board of its size. Weight has always been an issue with the electric board due to the battery

The wheel on the plate is 90mm, and the motor power of the hub is 1000W. The wheels are made of highly elastic-plastic and are easy to tighten or replace.

The board offers 3-speed modes: Beginner, Intermediate and Fast. A beginner's speed is about 12 miles per hour. The medium mode speeds around 18mph and the top speed is around 23mph! However, these speeds may vary from person to person, depending on your weight and body type.

Ownboard offers three different battery packs, which you can purchase through the electric board. If the battery dies, you can always ride the OwnBoard like a regular skateboard.

RANGE - 14 ~ 19 miles. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain, and riding style.                 

TOP SPEED - Approximately 25 mph. Speeds may vary depending on rider weight, battery voltage, and terrain.                 

HILLS - Up to 30 percent gradient.                 

BATTERY SIZE - Samsung 6.0Ah, and Sanyo 8.1Ah              


It can climb up a 30-degree incline

Easy to carry


The deck is rigid and inflexible

The motor is only 500 watts

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When it comes to electric skateboards, small doesn't mean inadequate. While some models do run out of juice faster than full or long boards that use heavy batteries, the smaller boards are compact and portable. The Skatebolt S5 Mini is no exception. With children, teens and younger skaters in mind, the electric board is just 20 inches long and can carry 110 pounds without losing speed.

Compact size does not affect power. It comes in two speed modes, 6 and 12mph. It has a range of 9.3 miles on a single charge and comes with a 2200mAh 25.2V lithium battery, which can be fully charged in just three hours if completely drained. If the battery runs out, you can use the board as a regular kickboard.

The Skatebolt S5 Mini may be small, but it still has seven maple decks. But I'm not sure if the deck can handle more than 120 pounds.

It's the cheapest Skatebolt electronic board, and for a good reason. It uses 70mm 250-watt wheels designed to transport riders on no more than 5% of steep surfaces. In fact, the S5 is the weakest electronic board I've ever seen in terms of climbing. The motor is replaceable. You can easily replace the wheels without removing the entire motor.

This fairly small electronic board provides a maximum speed of 12.4 MPH. Some people might find this too slow, but anything over 10 MPH is fine with me.

When it comes to turning, I bet you can't find a better electronic board. The truck felt a little too tight, so I let go a little for it.

Also, be careful when parking. The controller is super sensitive. If you hit the brakes too hard, you'll end up eating dirt. It's not fun. Be sure to slow down the electronic board gradually rather than suddenly. You don't want to hit your head against the wall, or anything that hard.

This small electric skateboard is one of the top lightweight electric skateboards in the market with only 7.9lbs. Despite having a small size and lightweight structure but 7-ply maple wooden deck provides amazing strength to the board to bear the rider’s maximum weight of 110lbs.

250W motor helps you to find the top speed of 12.42 mph. along with this small device also has the ability to ride on the 5% steep incline comfortably.

The range of a board is one thing that should be reasonable so you can enjoy your riding for more time. 9.3 miles is its optimum range with a 25.2 V lithium battery. You need to plug in the charger for 3 hours to get it fully charged.

Just like small deck size Skatebolt S5 mini also has small wheels of about 70mm.

Additionally, it has two different triding modes to provide you better commuting experience.



Cheap E-Skateboard

Tiny Size

Fast charging


Low weight limit so suitable for kids and teenagers only

What Are Your Biggest Concerns About Mini Electric Skateboards?

Ever dreamed of riding your electric skateboard in a flowing street, or a free campus?  Want to know that your electric skateboard is safe and reliable? If you want to ride on city roads, you need a small electric skateboard - the Mini e-board. There are at least a few things you need to consider and know, in order to buy the boards that are best for you.

How to choose a mini electric skateboard?

If you are going to buy your first electric skateboard, I know what you're struggling with. Completely confused with different types of motors, speed, range, plate length, wheels, batteries, and other specifications. The first thing you have to think about is which way you are going. If you only drive on flat roads and trails, you'll look for street Pu wheels - they're smooth wheels. If you live near an unsatisfactory Road, you can consider using automatic wheels or hybrid cars. 

It is also important to consider the type of motor used in the electric skateboard. Hub motor and belt driver are two main types. The deck of the skateboard is an important part of the electric skateboard because it will determine your riding comfort.

Last but not least, let's talk about norms. The two main concerns are maximum speed and range. Both companies will note on their websites that when you look for it, you must see which mini skateboard is best for you.

What other factors should you consider when buying an electric board?

Speed, range, and charging time are probably the three specs that most people know to check. The maximum number provided by the company normally represents lightweight riding on completely flat ground with a full charge - something you rarely encounter while riding.

The motor of the electric skateboard is very important in understanding the power. In short, lower wattage equals less power. Low power is represented by lower speed, torque, and slope functions.

For electric skateboards, you will usually find boards made of two materials: bamboo or carbon fiber/fiberglass. For the rider, the difference between the two materials means the difference between a flexible board and a tough board. Bamboo is more flexible, while glass fiber is harder.

Is a mini electric skateboard a good choice for a beginner?

When it comes to electric skateboarding, it is certainly welcome for those who have previous experience and are used to pushing their limits. But as a beginner, you can buy yourself a generic substitute to cut down on basic skills like balance. It doesn't seem to fit perfectly in theory, but that's fine. Because most of the electric skateboards on the market now have low initial speed values. As long as you can keep your balance standing on the board, it's easy to start your journey.  

Also, you need to be aware that electric skateboards tend to be very expensive. It is highly recommended to try out the whole point of skating before you invest a lot of money in gadgets that you may rarely use. 

 If you are new to electric skateboarding and are not willing to spend a lot of money, you can buy a high-quality mini electric skateboard at a lower price. 

Many of these boards also come with a beginner ride mode that only allows the board to reach low to medium speeds as you master the ride. They are also great for beginners and children as they are easy to control and can still be used for intermediate and advanced riding. 

Here's a list of the cheapest electric skateboards that might help you. 

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Skateboards, electronics and water do not like each other very much. At least, from the skateboard's point of view, it repels water.  

It's kind of bad because, you know, electric skateboards are a lot of fun to ride, but unfortunately, a wet day can quickly kill any intention of taking it out for a ride. Sometimes the outdoor humidity is annoying, which severely limits how often we skateboarders can use our boards.  

Water can cause bearings to age from the inside out, belts can lose cohesion and begin to delaminate, wooden decks can warp and break, truck bolts rust, electronics corrode and sometimes even short-circuit.  

In fact, many off-the-shelf electric skateboards aren't completely waterproof, but they're somewhat waterproof. However, some electric skateboards have different levels of water resistance.  

IP rating or entry protection code ranks products against dust and liquids. Basically, the IP rating works like this: The first number evaluates the dust-proof ability of an electric skateboard on a scale of 0 to 6. 0 is the lowest level, 6 is the highest dustproof level; the second number evaluates the waterproof performance of the electric skateboard on a scale from 0 to 6. Here, too, 0 is the lowest grade and 6 is the most waterproof.  

Waterproof skateboards basically prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas, such as the battery or ESC compartment, but are not completely waterproof. This means they can ride in light rain, slightly wet surfaces or shallow puddles, but this is a risk and not strongly recommended. Ip65-rated electric skateboards, on the other hand, are very impermeable to water, and their component compartments are designed to resist all moisture, while exposed parts such as trucks, decks, and wheels are designed to be waterproof without rusting, warping, or grabbing. This means they will probably be able to ride in small puddles, but heavy rain or beach cycling is not their strong suit. 

Can I rely on the smartphone app for applying the controls?

No, because it's not necessary. The simplest answer is - only when absolutely necessary when your remote control stops working.  

Each electric skateboard comes with a handheld remote control that accelerates and brakes the electric skateboard when the corresponding button is pressed. There's a reason these remotes are made by companies: They're supposed to be the only devices that control electric skateboards.  

Smartphone apps can crash or slow down easily, so they're far less reliable than dedicated remote controls. 

How can I make sure my board is more durable?

It is important to maintain your electric skateboard regularly. This improves the quality and service life of the parts.

You can do a lot of things. The user manual is one of them. The other is the weight of the Kanban so it doesn't overload the board. Finally, you need to store your board properly so that you can minimize damage, including surface scratches. The cheapest scooters only need to be replaced when the battery runs out or the charging system breaks down. However, these are usually classified according to the issues that your warranty can address.

Moreover, it is important to clean your electric skateboard after every ride. Clean the electric slide with a damp cloth to prevent water or dirt from entering the electronic components. After that, wipe the board with a dry cloth.

In addition, regular maintenance of bearings. You can do this with special care oils. This oil is specially developed for bearing maintenance to ensure a long bearing life. When the bearing is damaged by water, you will hear the scraping sound of the wheel bearing.  

Be sure to connect the charger to the electric skateboard before inserting it into a wall outlet.Remove the charger when the battery is fully charged. If you don't use your electric skateboard for a while, be sure to charge the battery at least once a month. 

Make sure no water enters the engine while cleaning the wheel/ motor. It is also important to keep water, sand or stones out of the engine.

Finally, check and adjust bolts and screws regularly. Because driving releases a lot of vibration.Using the T-tool, you can check, tighten and adjust the most important bolts (truck and wheels). 

How to safely drive a mini electric skateboard?

Be careful and slow down when you see other people or vehicles. Do not let yourself get hurt by negligence.

If you are a beginner and plan to push the accelerator to the limit. The speed swing comes from the rear board and is more likely to occur if your truck comes loose. Tightening up your rear truck is an easy solution.

Watch out for critters on the side of the road. Try to go through them very slowly. They don't seem to like the sound of the skateboard.

You should oil the bearing at times. If you are coasting in wet conditions, spin the wheels a few times before your next ride to prevent them from getting stuck, which could happen and knock you off your board.

Stay in bike lanes, stay away from oncoming traffic, and stay away from cars and trucks.

Riding beyond your skill level can be dangerous, especially at high speeds. Strenthen your skills so that you can avoid these threats.

So now we know that electric skateboards are very dangerous. So we need to protect ourselves and wear protective gear! Always wear a helmet! Knee and elbow pads are also a good thing. Gloves are also very practical and easy to use.

What are the advantages of mini electric skateboards?

The mini electric skateboard has been described as a commuter's dream. These boards are small, but they do get in a punch! 

Very powerful electrics will get you through the morning rush in no time. 

One of the main deal-breakers of regular-size electric skateboards or electric longboards is that the size and weight of the board make it difficult to carry and store. 

The mini electric skateboard, on the other hand, is light, small, and very portable. The boards are portable and easy to store and use on public transportation. Perfect for busy people.