Yecoo MT

Yecoo MT

Yecoo MT mini electric skateboard is very small and lightweight. Yecoo MT mini skateboard is a great option for taking public transport, as you can easily carry it on and off the buses. However, because of its powerful motor you can still experience the adrenaline of skateboarding.

  • Range15mi
  • Top Speed25mph
  • Hill Climbing30%
  • Weight17.6lbs
  • Max load330lbs
  • Dimensions 10.4 in (W), 33.5 in (L), 5.9 in (H)
  • Power540W*2
  • Deck8-ply maple
  • Wheels90mm PU
  • Battery10S2P 36V
  • TrucksShredder Trucks
  • Warranty6m

10-15 Miles Real Range

The MT Mini Board has a driving range of 10 - 15 miles (25 km) and was tested by a rider weighing 70 KG using M mode (20 km/h) on city roads. 15 miles is a sufficient distance for an mini electric skateboard.

Powerful Motors

Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard uses dual 540 Watts hub motors that rotate at 3000 RPM and can run up to 40 km/h. It is simple structure, reliable operation, small torque ripple and low noise. Which is durable and powerful.

New Generation ESC

A brand-new generation of ESC. Gives a new experience. Starts smoothly. As good as a Hobbywing. The display screen added to the remote control is more convenient for operation.

Strong Deck

Deck is composed of 8 layers maple. It has strong toughness and compressive strength, and has appropriately increased the hardness of the board. Leading industry technology, and exquisite production technology.


The new designed Yecoo MT Board is trated with a basic waterproof treatment both inside and out side to resist the small amounts of water you contact throughout daily life. However, it is also important to avoid places where there is too much water.